Our Difference

At Ash Farm, animal welfare is paramount!

All the birds live in small flocks so it is possible to give them the real care and attention they need to live a happy life.

We buy our birds as day-old chicks and the secret is in the way we raise our flocks using the best of traditional farming methods, allowing the birds to roam freely in the field near the family house.

We have ducks, geese, cockerels and turkeys on the farm. They are brought in at night to keep them safe from the foxes and go out in the field every day (weather permitting). The ducks especially love a splash and play in the puddles! In essence, a bird from Ash Farm could not be further away from the mass production of supermarket poultry.

Here at Ash Farm, our birds are given space and freedom to move and graze upon the pastures, they are reared and hand-prepared on site.

The well exercised, relaxed and full life which these birds enjoy in the field leads to a slow-maturing, dense meat which gives a fuller-flavoured taste, making those special occasions a little more memorable.

All our poultry is dry plucked, after which the birds are hung for up to seven days in a cold room for premium eating quality. They are then prepared for the oven, hand-trussed with string and packed with giblets.

Processing is carried out on the farm so the longest distance the birds travel is from the field to the yard, limiting any distress to the animals.

At Ash Farm we are passionate about the quality of our produce. That's why we go to great lengths to ensure that our poultry have the best of lives and can provide our customers with total satisfaction.

But don’t just take our word for it – find out for yourself!

Birds on grassland